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Theaflavin is the dimmer of the flavanol.It is a phenol’s compound with the large aromatic ring.Therefore it has a high active ingredients and good obvious efficacy of medical treatment.

Physical appearace of  the Theaflavin

The aqueous solution of Theaflavin is orange-yellow color.The fusion point is 237-240C.Theaflavin can dissolve easily in water and ethyl acetate and n-buty alcohol,and the solution is weak acid.

Major Function of The Theaflavin

1.Preventive and cure some tumours & cancer;
2.Adjust bolld lipide extraordinary;Anti-atheroma hardening;Anti-heart & brain diseases;
3.Anti-bacteria and reduce inflammation,restrain botulinus & enteritis bacillus & golden staphylococcus & kinkcough-bacteria;
4.Anti-virus.the effect of restraining virus of ALDS is 20-40 times than the current medicine AZT;
5.Intense anti-oxidant,it can used cleanign free radical;
6.Balance the bacteria in the intestine,increase the beneficial bacteria,reduce the harmful bacteria.