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Kombucha is a traditional acid bevarage which fermented from sugar, tea and water by adding strain, it originated from Bohai of China and was praised as :

“the liquid of immortality”--by Mechenkov,an expert in Russia;

   “The king of beverages”--by Dr. Sakamoto Jungyi, Bacteriological authority of Japan;  

   “The top grade”--by《Compendium of Materia Medica》of Li Shizhen;

   “fashion preferably drinks”--by《Tell it like it is》of CCTV-1,China.

Kombucha is well fermented from an aggregation of three kind of healthful microbe-lactobacillus, acetic acid fungus, and microzyme, with no essence, sourness additive and antiseptic, is a natural healthy beverage. 

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