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Product Details

Instant Tea


There are Instant Green Tea, Instant Black Tea, Instant Oolong Tea,   Super-fine Green Tea Powder , etc. Natural and safety, good solubility in water, good taste, and good for all people.

Instant Green Tea: By means of scientific mixture formula and physical extraction, instant green tea is processed from famous high-quality organic green tea produced in Zhejiang and Jiangsu. Pale yellow-green in color and fresh in taste,   it is characterized by the unique odor of green tea.  

Instant Black Tea: By means of scientific and physical extraction, instant black tea is processed from choice black tea  produced  in Yunnan, Qimen, and  Sichuan. Brown in color,mellow in taste, and pure in natural quality, it is widely used in the production of a variety of tea drinks and food of tea flavor.                         

Instant Oolong Tea: It is processed from high-quality Oolong Tea produced at Anxi  and  other  places  in  Fujian. With  the unique character of Oolong Tea well preserved, it tastes mellow with pleasant fragrance. We have a variety of standards such as Tieguanyin, narcissus, etc. for the choice of individual factories.

Super-fine Green Tea Powder (Mocha): By means of powdering treatment-through organic steaming at low-temperature of high-quality green tea for export, produced in Zhejiang and Jiangxi, it preserves the natural color in homogeneous fine grains, and may be directly added to cold   drink, pastry, and other kinds of food of tea flavor. 

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