Product Details
Product Details

Green tea powder

Matcha is the deep processing of tea after the ultra-fine crushed powder, taking the both advantages of tea drink and eat, so its nutritional value and health care value higher than the tea. And matcha nutrition can be 100% absorbed because it is eaten rather than drink. The matcha retains the nutrients and pharmacological ingredients,and make full use of matcha dietary fiber, Active polysaccharides and other substances.

Matcha reserved more than 500 compositions in tea, including 5 kinds of nutrients: protein, fat,sugar, vitamins and minerals, rich in nutrients and trace elements necessary for the human body. The main ingredients are tea polyphenols, caffeine,magnesium, iron, sodium, zinc, calcium, magnesium,and the like, free amino aids,chlorophyll,protein, aromatic substances, cellulose, Vitamin C, A, B1, B2, B3, B5, B6, E, K, H and so on, trace elements potassium, magnesium, iron, sodium,zine, selenium, fluoride and so on nearly 30 species.

The application of matcha

Matcha maintains the maximum original natural green and nutrition and pharmacological ingredients of green tea, it has strong surface adsorption and affinity, solid fragrance and good suspension stability and other characteristics, in addition to direct drink, it is also used as a nutritional strengthening and natural pigment additives widely, include liquid beverages, solid beverages, frozen food, baked goods, candy, jelly, skin care products, health products, food products and many other areas.

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