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Tea polyphenols
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Tea polyphenols are natural compounds extracted from tea leaves,and contain flavanols,flavanones,
flavonols and their glycosides etc.
Catechin that is one of flavanols among them is the most active component, made up 60%-80% of total amount of polyphenols.
Catechins of several single catechins including EGC,DL-C,EC,EGCG,GCG,ECG etc.Catechins with  special  molecular structure are easy to oxidize, which leads to a good ability to anti-oxidize and eliminate free radicals.

Stability: stable in the condition of pH from 4 to 8, and degrade in the condition of heat, light, and ferric ion etc.
Safety evaluation: nontoxic grade.
Packing: 25kg/drums or 10kg/cartons.
Storage: keep in cool, dry and dark place.
Physical appearance: light yellow or Yellow-Brown powder. Easily in water and aqueous ethanol, and are bitter.